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Think different
MKSO provides a pure pleasure of aroma and taste in one cup. Our passion is to make espresso coffee capsules of the highest quality and to exceed the expectations of our consumers. To reach this goal, we have produced a unique organic coffee. Our coffee is grown without using artificial chemical substances or any synthetic fertilizer. Our coffee beans do not contain any toxic residues, preservative or artificial flavors. The green coffee beans are carefully selected from the finest plantations in the world, delivering the best type of coffee beans. We offer six distinctive flavors which differ in their mixture and blend of Arabica or Robusta. Combination of experience and innovation is the foundation that guides us when producing rich, yet sleek coffee.


Our Stories
“MKSO coffee capsules have creative brilliant blends. I have never tasted something so delicious! I know it can sound strange, but it is much better than the Nespresso capsules. I particularly loved their Vanilla and Caramel flavors. They have a good balance in flavor, they are smooth and strong. I highly recommended them.”
“I start my morning with MKSO fresh cup of coffee. I usually drink two cups a day, because their taste is so amazing. Their capsules have no bitter aftertaste. I have tried many types of coffee capsules, but MKSO is my favorite! I especially love the MKSO Classic Gourmet and Dark Roast capsules and recommend them for those who appreciate quality coffee.”
“A high quality coffee! It is better than sitting in coffee shops and drinking coffee. All their blends are pleasant and have a unique taste. I enjoy beginning my day with MKSO Classic Medium roast coffee. It gives me the energy I need to start the day. I would continue ordering from MKSO, because they have fantastic prices, efficient delivery and it is an excellent purchase. You absolutely get a good value for money.”


Poke Bowls

Poke Bowls

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Body-Weight Workout

Body-Weight Workout

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Coffee Capsules


Our coffee experts choose only the highest quality beans coming from the world’s finest plantation areas. To reach high-quality standards, we carefully supervise every detail in the production processes.

Roasting & grinding

Different variations of the roasting enable us to produce our unique individual flavors. After the roasting process, we place our coffee into a grinder in order to achieve an accurate balance between the flavors.

100% American

We have developed and produced unique blends especially tailor-made for the American consumer taste. Our coffee experts have discovered the unique characteristics of the American taste.